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Integrated Marketing Campaigns

Through Zeffective’s team of digital marketing engineers, we optimize your brand through a variety of connected marketing campaigns—email, social media, search, and more—without diluting your message.


Zeffective analyzes the organic keyword drivers for both your company and competitors in order to drive qualified, engaged traffic to your site.


Competitor Analysis

Through regular reporting, Zeffective identifies trends within your industry that allow you to have a competitive edge within your digital marketplace.

Keyword Analysis

With web scraping tools and predictive analytics, we can determine which words are key to unlocking the minds of your ideal consumers.


Site Audit

One of Zeffective’s most popular services is our professional website audit offerings—this isn’t your normal audit. Zeffective’s comprehensive review combines the automation of three top-tier software tools with the analytical interpretation and insights uncovered by our team of digital marketing engineers. In all, we audit 200+ elements of your website—twice. If you think this is a little over the top, you’re right…

We see websites as your digital storefront. To ensure you provide the best customer experience, it’s critical that your site is at its best, at all times. And that’s why we go the extra mile with our website audits. When we’re done, you’ll know exactly where your website shines and where it doesn’t, so you can make better, more informed decisions and help you reach your business objectives.

Google Analytics

Zeffective teaches you how to maximize Google Analytics’ potential and can aid you in creating models that will create key insights for your company.


About Us

Zeffective is a digital marketing agency that crafts winning online marketing campaigns to help your organization grow. We let data drive decisions.

We have one basic intent: to help you get more out of your marketing by improving your visibility, lead generation, and bottom line. When it comes to online marketing and conversion analytics, we don’t mess around.

We collect, measure, and interpret data.
We use data to identify and target the best prospects.
We transition companies to a data-driven customer experience.

Our Process

What others say about us

In-depth and insightful, we found Zeffective’s work to be both on-target and valuable. In addition, the report was full of actionable items customized for my company to help it grow. I plan to use Zeffective again and I endorse their services 100%.

Mark MahoneyCEO & Co-FounderJackrabbit Technologies

Zeffective had the insight to 1) narrow my focus to the three items that were having the most impact on my business and 2) eliminate those things that weren’t really moving the needle to allow me to deploy resources in a more optimal way. Their process works.

David MillerCo-founderAvidXChange

The quality of Zeffective’s work, their expertise, and knowledge of the digital marketing space far exceeded my expectations.

James Gray
James GrayCTODaisy Labs, Inc.

Zeffective has worked on a few projects with us, but the one stands out the most is when we had a fake negative review submitted about our company on Google. Zeffective knew exactly what to do—my Google Business review was corrected in 24 hours. They went the extra mile and updated all of the information for my business listing. Quick, professional, knowledgeable—that’s Zeffective.

Greg BrownOwnerXtreme Fitness Center

I rely on Google AdWords to generate leads for my personal training studio. At first, we tried to manage our online ads in-house. It only took a couple of months to learn that we were out of our element and needed to hire an expert. Enter Zeffective.

With Zeffective’s system, leads increased by 300% and customer conversions increased 200%. We saw positive ROI within 90 days—Zeffective knows online advertising.

Laurence PrestiOwnerFitness Together SouthPark

We engaged Zeffective to help us with our digital content strategy. We had a lot of moving pieces—website/blog, app, Facebook, Twitter, email newsletter and pay-per-click ads. Zach and his team took a holistic approach that resulted in a connected, thorough, and insightful evaluation.

Their key findings were insightful and their key recommendations were actionable. In short, Zeffective helped us make sense of our audience and how we could use our content to create a more relevant and engaged customer experience.

Dee LanierExecutive DirectorUNCOMMON
Zach Cardais

Zach Cardais

Founder / CEO

Years ago, I independently opened a college textbook store to prove that I could connect with my consumer in ways that larger corporations simply could not. While I saw quick success building personal relationships within the campus community, I always felt that managing our online presence felt like a second job in itself. I constantly had to teach myself how to make my store visible in a digital marketplace, sometimes at the loss of doing the direct business I valued most.

It is for this exact reason that I started Zeffective. I want to build your online presence so you can focus on the work that matters to you most. With our collaborative and customized approach to doing business, I guarantee that our work will always be within your brand’s identity and show that even the simplest Google advertisement can hold a hint of your personal touch.

Thank you for visiting, and we’re excited to do business with you,
Zach Cardais

Welcome! Did we say that we would love to work with you? So don’t be shy, get in touch!

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A fully-customized strategy to maximize your online presence including keyword planning, content optimization, link building, and SEO for e-commerce, local search, and mobile audiences.


Manage better with robust tracking and measurement. Our analytics engineers have worked on projects of all types from implementing tracking code on websites and apps to integrating complex data from disparate sources.

Lead Generation

We develop a customized program for your brand to convert prospects into customers.

Customer Experience (CX)

We use customer analytics to give your customers the experience they want, when they want it to turn customers into advocates.

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