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How to Create a Paid Social Channel in Google Analytics

Why a paidsocial channel? Simply put, if you advertise on any of the social networks e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, etc, you’re going to want this traffic its own channel so you can easily compare it alongside your other channels. Once you create a Paid Social channel, you can analyze the quality and ROI of this […]

How to Change Attribution Windows in Facebook Ads

Today we’re talking about how to change and view the available attribution windows to you in Facebook ads. If you’re not familiar with attribution windows, you can read up on what attribution windows are and why they’re important. The Various Attribution Windows Available 1-day, 7-day, 28-day Click 1-day, 7-day, 28-day View Change Attribution Windows in Facebook […]

How To Leverage Attribution Windows in Facebook to Gauge Campaign Performance

Today we’re talking about attribution windows. To keep things simple, we’ll use Facebook Ads as our example platform, but the concept of attribution windows applies to all ad platforms e.g. Google Ads, Twitter Ads, and so on. What’s an Attribution Window? Facebook defines attribution windows as: The number of days between when a person viewed […]

2018 Google Analytics Workshop #1: Post-Workshop Observations

Zeffective leads a two-day Google Analytics Workshop several times each year. Our first workshop of 2018 was held on Saturday, February 24th, and Sunday the 25th. I find it helpful to document my observations about each workshop immediately it’s completed—this self-feedback serves to improve the workshop for the next batch of students. We never posted […]

How to Transition a WordPress Site from Google Analytics to Google Tag Manager

Here’s the situation: Your WordPress site has a standard implementation of Google Analytics using one of the many Google Analytics plugins. Because you want more flexibility and control of what you’re tracking on your site, you’ve decided that you want to implement Google Tag Manager. Of the many ways to install Google Analytics on a website in WordPress, a plugin is the easiest. […]