Building a Remarketing Audience in Google Analytics

Today we’re talking about how to build a remarketing audience.

  • From the overview interface of Google Analytics, navigate to the Admin panel.
  • Underneath your property settings, scroll down to Audience Definitions. This is where all of the remarketing audience and other audience controls are.
  • Click on Audiences and then click + NEW AUDIENCE. Make sure you have your data-collection settings enabled.
  • Once you click + NEW AUDIENCE, you’re prompted to choose the view to populate the data which is going to pre-populated to the current view. Then choose a destination in your dropdown. These are all the destinations where you can publish your audiences to.
  • I’m going to choose our AdWords account which is going to publish an audience to AdWords.
  • Next, you have the define audience interface, and you can select from one of the predefined audiences like all users, returning users, etc. Or, you can import a segment from your existing reports or create a new audience from scratch.
  • For this demo, I’m going to choose users who completed a transaction.
  • Then you need to name it, “Users who completed a transaction” for this example and then set the membership duration which is how long users stay in this audience. It can be anywhere from 30 to 540 days.
  • Once you’re  click Save.

And that’s how easy it is to build a remarketing audience.

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