Create a Picture-in-Picture Effect in Photoshop

Here’s a simple tutorial for beginners on how to create a nice-looking picture-in-picture effect with a graphic or image.

What We’re Building: Picture-in-Picture Effect in Photoshop

Create a picture-in-picture effect in Photoshop

How to Create Picture-in-Picture Effect in Photoshop

  1. Open an image in Photoshop
  2. Convert to layer by clicking the lock icon, lock-icon, next to your image in the layers panel. This will unlock your background and convert it to a layer.
  3. Create a duplicate layer.  Layer>Layer via Copy (⌘ + J)
  4. With the original layer selected, adjust its opacity to 50% – 80% (choose an Opacity level that looks best with your image).
  5. Select the duplicate layer. From the menu, select Edit>Transform>Scale. While holding the shift and command keys, drag a corner of the image to resize it (make it a little smaller than the original layer). Press the Return key when done.
  6. From the layers panel, select fx>drop shadow.
  7. Adjust the following settings from the Layer Style window then click OK: Opacity: 80%; Angle: 127; Distance: 68; Size: 30
  8. Save for Web. From the menu bar, select File>Export>Save for Web (Legacy)…
  9. Adjust any settings you want, e.g. Image Size to 40%, and click Save…
  10. Name your file>Save
  11. Finished. Now you’ve got a cool picture-in-picture effect image.

Screenshot Tutorial to Create a PiP Effect in Photoshop


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