How to Retarget on Facebook

Retargeting on Facebook is a way of serving a custom ad to people who have already visited your website. Users will see your ad appear in their news feed or on their sidebar in Facebook depending on how you have them configured. In this case you’ll use your Facebook Pixel, a bit of code on your website which tags a visitor, and then Facebook will identify that user once they’re logged into Facebook.

For example, suppose you’re running a lead-generation campaign on Facebook and you want to retarget everyone that clicked on your ad but didn’t complete the sign-up form on your landing page. You want to incentivize these visitors to come back and complete your form via a custom offer (free e-book download). Using the Facebook Pixel, anyone that visited our website and then later logs into Facebook is eligible to see your advertisement.

To get this started, let’s head over to the pixel menu option from ads manager. From the Facebook Pixel screen, click the icon in the right sidebar “Create a Custom Audience”. From the popup window, click the dropdown box and select “People visiting specific web pages but not others.” Here we want to offer a free e-book download to people who have visited our store cart, but never checked out. So let’s add that in. We’ll change the dropdown box from URL contains to URL equals, and type the URL for our landing page. We’ll change the next section to URL equals just like we did in the previous section, but this time we’re going to type in the form completion URL. We’ll keep the look back period to 30 days and give our audience a specific name, like “Customers who have abandoned landing page.” Click OK.

To view this custom audience from the main menu, select Assets>Audiences. Our next step would be setting up an ad using this custom audience using either Power Editor or Ads Manager.

Your customers spend a lot of time on Facebook, and retargeting is a great way to expand your reach. Give it a try and be sure to test our different offers with your retargeting ads.

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