The Situation

If you’ve ever tried to analyze a Goal URL in Google Analytics, for example the thank-you page of a contact form, only to find that all of your thank-you URLs have submissionGuid=someUniqueIdentifier appended to it, well you’re not alone. Software companies like HubSpot automatically append these kinds of parameters to the URL of a form submission page so they can better track their behavior. Essentially, the submissionGuid parameter serves as a User ID.


The problem, as shown in the screenshot below, lies in one’s ability to use Google Analytics to analyze everyone that’s submitted a form for a given time period. As you can see, each form submission is given a unique URL thanks to the submissionGuid.

The Solution

Strip query parameters from the URL before it’s processed by Google Analytics. To do this, we’ll make one change in our View Settings within the Admin of Google Analytics.

How to Strip Query Parameters in Google Analytics

Step 1: Navigate to the admin of your Google Analytics account

Step 2: Under the View column, click View Settings

Step 3: Add submissionGuid to excluded query parameter textbox and click Save


This change is not retroactive, so it only affects conversions that come after you’ve made this change. Give it one or two days to accumulate some conversions then go back into Conversions>Goal URLs and look at your conversions over that time period—they should be reported together as the same URL now rather than individually.