Improving AdWords Landing Pages with Google Optimize: An Experiment on Experiments [Part 1]

Using Google Optimize in Google AdWords

Google announced earlier this week that marketers can now link Google Optimize to Google AdWords accounts, thereby making it easier to run A/B tests on your landing pages and act on the results. Zeffective manages Google AdWords campaigns for all of our clients, so I was intrigued when they dropped this bit of news on us.

I haven’t used Google AdWords with Google Optimize yet, but I’m going to. I’m going to run some basic A/B tests on landing pages for one of our clients. I’m going to track the progress and results of our experiments behind the scenes. Then, in next month’s blog post, I’m going to publish my account of using Google Optimize with Google AdWords. I’ll also publish the results from our experiments, but not necessarily combine the two in a single post.

Today’s post is straightforward and short: to document what I want experiments I intend to run and what I hope to learn about using Google Optimize for optimizing landing pages in Google AdWords.

Experiments to Run

Here are the experiments that I intend to run for our client pertaining to the landing page used in paid search ads in AdWords. Each experiment below shares the same goal: to increase the volume of conversions (i.e. subscriptions) within our Target CPA

  1. Image Sexuality. Which images perform better, racy, titillating and arousing? Or, classic, conservative, and watered-down.
  2. Image Type. Which type of images performs better, lifestyle shots or product shots?
  3. CTA. Which CTA button text results in more users taking action, text that urges them to act now (e.g. Get Started, Join Now) or text that offers a discount (50% Off First Month).
  4. Personalized Messaging. Which copy results in more users taking action, something that broadly applies to the user’s search query (e.g. men’s underwear) or something more personal and specific to their search query (e.g. calvin klien briefs).

Questions to Answer

Here are the questions I want to answer about using Google Optimize in Google AdWords:

  1. Can I, a tech-savvy marketer but non-developer, successfully create and complete an A/B test for each of the four experiments above? Or, is a developer needed?
  2. How easy is it to implement an optimization gleaned from a given experiment?
  3. Can Zeffective use Google Optimize to improve other components of an AdWords campaign, not just the landing pages?

In subsequent blog posts, we’ll share our findings from these experiments as well as a separate post on the topic of user experience as it relates to using Google Optimize in Google AdWords.

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