Quickly Analyze Google Optimize Experiments in Google Analytics

Quickly Analyze Google Optimize Experiments in Google Analytics

Today’s post is a quick tip on how you can use the Experiments report within Google Analytics to monitor your Google Optimize experiments. TheExperiments report has been buried in the Behavior menu in Google Analytics for years and, up until now, it’s been useless for most users.

With the introduction of Google Optimize, though, theExperiments report is incredibly useful for tracking the performance of your experiments.

Here’s the situation: You’ve created an experiment in Google Optimize. What’s the easiest way to periodically monitor the performance of your experiment?

Answer: You can quickly view and analyze the experiment’s performance in Google Analytics. Here’s how:

  1. From your Google Analytics home page, navigate to Behavior>Experiments.
  2. Click an experiment from the list to view its performance. That’s it—quick and easy.

Here are a couple screenshots to further illustrate my point:

Experiments report in Google Analytics

View Google Optimize Experiments in Google Analytics


View performance of Google Optimize experiments in Google Analytics>Behavior>Experiments

If you want more granular reporting…

If you want a more granular level of detail into the performance of your experiments, you can do so from the reporting tab within Google Optimize.

While your experiments are running, though, you’ll probably just want quick access to a snapshot of how your original is performing compared to the variant. For this, the Experiments report within Google Analytics is quick and easy. I find this report particularly useful when viewing on the Google Analytics app on my iPhone (and on other smartphones, I presume).

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